Have the Evangelical Christians become Biblical and Spiritual Snobs?

As a lifelong Protestant Evangelical proponent I think I’m qualified to express my opinion in this regard. Yes. We Have! Recently the Eastern Christian Churches especially the Believers associated with, the Eastern Orthodox, Coptic and Catholic denominations have been withstanding tremendous
opposition from extreme Muslim terror tactics, resulting in slaughter and mayhem of innocent Christians. And unfortunately, the only significant resistance from the West has been political, not Spiritual. As if, the western Churches have no part in defending, supporting and encouraging beleirvers not of their own sect and stripe. How come? Have we raised our understanding to a level that equips us to be the only arbitors of the Word and dispensers of the Spirit? Are we just so much more doctrinely pure and correct, that other historically formed sects no longer have a place at the table? Then you can explain that to the Judge based on your understanding of Rom. 14:1,-4 “who are you you to judge the servant of another? To his own Master he stands or falls; and stand he will, for the Lord is able to make him stand.”

I am told by reliable sources that often Evangelical missionaries are more interested in converting these Eastern belivers to their own sect than assisting them in their struggles. Just this past week. a dedicated group of Coptic Believers protested in Washington D.C. over the bloody slaughter carried out inside their own Churches in Egypt by extemist Muslims without any interference from the Government there To my knowledge there was little if any news reporting of the protest here. How many American Churches prayed about or even knew about it? Like it or not we protestant Evangelicals need to support this part of our family and the extended Body of Christ if we want to hasten His return. The Elderman.

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