Can We Not Watch And Pray With Them For A Few Minutes?

While most of us will never be called upon to “resist sin to the point of shedding blood” there are those who this very hour are, and without complaining. They are those whose homes, Churches and personal lives are invaded or threatened by hostile forces determined to rid the earth of Christians. And no, money won’t stop the problem, and no neither will force. But we can pray, we can testify,  and we can resist satan when he would send us cowering into a corner fearing our own self interests. Pray for those enduring persecution as if you were there and pray that they’ll escape and evade such treatment as God allows.  St. John

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1 Response to Can We Not Watch And Pray With Them For A Few Minutes?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Why is the Church “pussy footing” around about confronting Islamic doctrine with the Truth? God is not particularly tolerant or poilitically correct with hypocrits or those who deliberately castigate His Son. Does the Church think we can “nice guy”them out of their doctrine to rid the world of Jews and Christians? Will they yield to logic, argument and polite debate? Well they haven’t for over 1300 years, in fact they’ve just grown stronger as we have become more civil. The only thing that can change them, one by one, is the Gospel. Our job, pure and simple is to preach the Word out loud, even from the roof tops as Jesus said. Our job was never to fraternize with the enemy, that was the aim of humanists not Christians! If that sounds too harsh, how did Jesus and Paul deal with the Pharisees, Saducees and Scribes, and why are we told not to allow anyone preaching a different Gospel other than the one we’ve received under our roofs ? How much slack did the Apostles give them? I believe the instruction was to “shake the dust off your feet, if they wouldn’t receive you”. The real problem is with Christians too busy, too involved with self to even realize there’s a spiritual war going on. We can believe God for a new car, a better job or a parking place but we can’t believe Him for enabling us to help Him defeat the enemies of Christ. So sad, so shallow. Sojourner.

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