Koran permits lying in it’s own defense

See explanation from “Levitt’s Letter” January 2011 page 26 listed under “comment” below. Honesty, truthfulness and integrity are hallmarks of mature Christians. And because of that we are easily misled and disceived. But Islam believes the end justfies the means, and their end is total world domination even if it takes 5,000 years. Be wise as serpents and innocent as doves, Jesus instructed us. Read the comment below.

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1 Response to Koran permits lying in it’s own defense

  1. Deceiving Non-Muslims Is OK In Islam

    By Raymond Ibrahim.wwwMeForum.org

    Islam must seem a paradoxical religion to non-Muslims. On the one hand, it is constantly being portrayed as the religion of peace; on the other, its adherents are responsible for the majority of terror attacks around the world. Islam’s dual notions of truth and falsehood further reveal its paradoxical nature: While the Koran is against believers deceiving other believers- for “surely Allah guides not him who is prodigal and a liar”- deception directed at non-Muslims, generally known in Arabic as takiyya, has Koranic support and falls within the legal category of things that are permissible for Muslims.

    Takiyya is not confined to overseas affairs. Walid Phares of the National Defense University has lamented that homegrown Islamists are operating unfettered on American soil due to their use of takiyya: “Does our government know what this doctrine is all about and, more importantly, are authorities educating the body of our defense apparatus regarding this stealthy threat dormant among us?” After the Fort Hood massacre when Nidal Malik Hasan, an American-Muslim who exhibited numerous Islamist signs which were ignored, killed thirteen fellow servicemen and women, one is compelled to respond in the negative.

    This then is the dilemma: Islamic law unambiguously splits the world into

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